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This is just where we Post songs we love:)

This is Our Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I(Kara) love this Song "Put your hearts up" by Ariana Grande, Because it has an nice message, and a happy feel. 

Eden and I love all these songs by Taylor Swift. They are Really great because Taylor writes exactly what she feels. She is one of our big inspirations:)

This is her song "mine" 

Her song, 'mean'

'The Story of Us' 

This is probably my personal favorite, "Better than revenge"

Sparks Fly

Another Artist Eden and I are absolutely OBSESSED with right now: 

She is beautiful, and crazy talented. Her voice is perfect and all her songs have a very different, but sweet, vibe. Here are a few of our favorites. 

'Starry Eyed' 


This one, "the Writer" is my favorite of hers.

'Your biggest Mistake'

We also Really like Florence+the Machine. Her sound is very different, and she has strange obsession with the afterlife and other dark subjects, but we still love these songs. 

This is one of Eden's Favorites: "swimming" 

I really like this one, "drumming song" 

'Dog Days are Over' 

'Youve got the love" 

We are a big fan of this group, Tegan and Sara, which consists of two sisters with amazing voices and crazy songs:) But we love 'em

Eden's Fave: Soil, soil

I am having trouble uploading any others. Copyright issues. :/

We really like songs by Victoria Justice as well. Her upbeat tunes are really fun.

"Best Friend's Brother(BFB)"

"all i want is everything"

"freak the Freak Out"

"Beggin on your knees"

Here are some stand alone songs, that we just love:) 

Dancing to the Rythmn By Lexi St George:)

Ok, we arent the biggest fan of Lady Gaga, but we do like this song:

"born this way"

I really like this new artist, Karmin! These are their only songs out right now, but i love them! 

"Crash your Party"

"Broken Hearted"

We really like Greyson Chance too: 

"Waiting outside the lines"

"unfriend You"

"Hold on Till the Night"

And of course, just for eden, we need some Justin beiber:)

"That should be me"

"Runaway Love"

"Love Me" 

"Stuck in the moment" 

Some Hot chelle Rae, :)

"tonight tonight"

A little Katy Perry:
And, no, eden, we arent going to do "Last friday Night' 

"The one that got away" 

"part of me" 



Now two songs by Lucy Hale:

"run this town"

"bless Myself"

Some random songs:

"Dj got us falling in love" by usher

"Dumb Love" by Sean Kingston

Now, i dont know about eden, but i really like Jason Mraz:) 

"I wont give up"

"Lucky"(feat. Colbie Caillat)

I also love Colbie Caillat. I think eden does too. Because she is amazing. Just saying

"Brighter than the sun" 

"I do" 


I have a special request to add some Selena Gomez:) So here she is: 

"Hit the Lights"

"Summer's not hot"

"Who says" 

"Love you like a love song"

Alright, Now for some songs by the most amazingly talented singer. EVERRRRR!!! 
Yea. Its Adele. 

"Rolling in the deep" 

"rumour has it"

"chasing Pavements" 

"someone like you"

"set fire to the rain"

Here are a few songs by natasha bedingfield. I just love her :)

"strip me" 

"Neon Lights"


"Pocketful of sunshine" 

Also, because we NEED some: Paramore!!!! I love Paramore :)

This is NOT my favorite song by them, But it is the song that i am best at singing. Out of all songs that i have tried singing, and not just out of the songs by paramore. So here it is:
"Misery Business" 

"The Only exception" 




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