Worship Love

Here is our Fave Christian/worship songs:)

One artist that is really... well... awesome... Is Britt Nicole:) she has really fun and upbeat but still christian songs! Hope you love them as much as we do! 

My fave: Sunshine Girl (its one of Eden's faves too) 

Edens other fave: Walk on water

"how we roll" 

When she cries


 francesca battestelli :) Here are some of her songs! 

"Beautiful, Beautiful"

"This is the Stuff"

Here is one song that i love: 
"Drifting" By Plumb

Unfortuanetely, there are copyright issues that wont allow the video on this website, So here is the link: 

Alright, here is another artist and i am not even going to try and explain how awesome she is. You can just see(or hear) for yourself. Introducing Dorothy Savage

"As long as it Takes"

"faith Begins"

There arent many songs by her on youtube :( 

just saying 

Here are some amazing worship songs by hillsong:

My fave: "Mighty to save"

"Lead me to the Cross"

Same song, Different artist:) 

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