Hey! Its been awhile since we posted a new video. I worked really hard on this lyric video... hope you like it!

OK! so Eden and I finally had a sleepover and were able to sing a few of our songs. Please disregard our voices. The purpose of these videos is so that you can hear the tune, not our singing.

This is for you dana! haha :)

The first one is Our song "Missing piece" and the lyrics can be found Here

Sorry for how delayed our voices are. They dont match with our lips moving. 

Hope you like it:) Will post more soon. Bloopers will be posted upon request. Please Email us at: 

This next song is called "FairyTale" and the lyrics are Here

Again, sorry for the sound delay and sorry for the bad quality of our voices. This is the only was we can think of to show you the tune. 

This next song is called Lord Of the Lies. Lyrics

This song is called Hold on to the Love: Lyrics

And this song is Called Go Home: Lyrics

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