Thursday, February 23, 2012

Long Gone

Well......I guess Kara has posted all the songs we did far. Here is the first song I wrote.....that has a good tune and good lyrics.
Long Gone
(verse 1)
I can’t touch you
 But I feel you near
I can’t see you
But I know you’re here

I can’t fully understand
Your wonderful ways
Happiness is what you bring
Once you’re here you stay

I’m long gone
And I’m never coming back
I can see it now
The truth in white and black
I can feel him
I’m in my Father’s hands
Not of this world
He loves me as I am

(Verse 2)
Bad days are gone
The future is clear
All I can see
Is you’re holding me near

You know every hair on my head
Every thought in my mind
All of my short little life
You’ve been right by my side


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