Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lord Of The Lies

HIIIII ALL!!!!!!!! OMG it's been soooooooo long since I've posted something!!!!!! Sorry about that!!!!! This is my second fave song I've written......it's really cheesy but hope you like it!!!!

Lord Of The Lies
(verse 1)
All you want are my songs
But you say you need me
All you want is my voice
But you don’t really want me

I’m not your slave
I’m not your man
Why don’t you leave
You’re a one man band

Why should I help you
You don’t even try
Why should I sing for
You, lord of the lies

Why do you want me
All I do is hide
Why should I stay with,
You, lord of the lies

(verse 2)
All you want is my life
But you say you do care
All you want is my heart
But you cannot love or care 


(bridge x2)
Get out of here
Leave me alone
You’re not gonna
Break my bones


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