Monday, July 29, 2013

You're Worth It

Hey guys I wrote this song. It is kinda short. Part is a rap. I might post a vid soon...?

I see you one day 
Braclets down your arms
I ask why? 
You say fashion
I know it was harm
Day after day 
You look thinner than before
I ask you if youre hungry
You say "cant eat anymore"
I know youre going through a battle
No, its not great
But you got to stay strong have hope, love and faith
Miley said "lifes a climb the views great" so keep your head up girl, youre worth the wait
You say i dont underatand, i dont care 
Lets just try to get through this together, its better as a pair
Look in the mirror tell me what you see
I see a beautiful face but society says ugly
Judged for not being perfect. You want a perfect girl go to walmart buy a barbie girl
Beautys not about size or shape
Beautys about being you, not being a fake
Now just forget those who hate cause only god can judge.
Your perfectly imperfect and totally worth it love
Having words tear you down bit by bit like nicki says "take me or leave me" 
People dont know how much words can hurt
Think before tou speak please uh your causing war
War between you and yourself
Having words tear you down
Having it be too much
You just want to end dont...youre worth every second every minute i promise. 
You were given this life to live it..
Just take a deep breath, put the blade down cause youre worth it
Saw you today lookin better than ever wearing no braclets and short sleeves 
You came up to me told me 
"Im strong cause of you" i said "no, youre strong cause youre you"

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